Android PaPaGo M9 for Android (GPS) SEA

Discussion in 'Mobile Software' started by estimacamry, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Foccacia

    Foccacia Member

    Hey i just wana say thanks for ur upload. At first I had first close error but after shifting the folder like you suggested it works perfectly.

    Abit disappointed with the lack of details, 3d buildings for east malaysia haha.

    also looking for taiwan map, if got then great. If not, I will use my instinct to navigate around:)
  2. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    I'm glad it works for you:) . What details are you looking for, please remember the more details the more laggy it would be. I rather have basic navigation details which are more than enough to guide us. We won't be looking at the navigator all the time as it would be dangerous while driving;)
  3. Foccacia

    Foccacia Member

    Im looking for details like landmarks and buildings.. just a general outline or identifying features (ponds, parks, etc). Sometimes roads appear and disappear overnight. Just abit more details would be good, but not too much like sygic.

    Btw, off topic but just askin..are u a pastry chef?
  4. amirzz

    amirzz Member

    hi..i just would like to ask..i got problem when install papago m9 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab..its doesn't support the screen resolution..can any1 help to setup the screen resolution for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 generation
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    hi estimacamry..i've got some problem..i want to ask about how to setting up the resolution for Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 in this Papago M9??because after i've been install the application cannot run because the resolution not support..tq :D
  5. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    By default M9 does support 1024X600 screen resolution. Make sure you have the said folder in your NaviSEA/Organic folder. Make a clean install again. Some unit runs from internal storage but some will run from external storage. Read through all posts in this thread. Many has succeeded running after a few tweak. Good luck;)
  6. Ethane

    Ethane New Member

    hi, firstly thx for sharing this app. i've done installed to my galaxy s2 android 4.0.3
    unfortunately, it shows a wrong current location which is klcc but im currently in johor bahru
    so anyone can help me on this pls??
  7. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    1. Make sure you are at an open space with clear sky to get your 1st satellite lock. Once locked it will show your current location.
    2. Make sure you deactivate data connection before using M9
  8. nick wong

    nick wong Member

    hi, the link is not working anymore. I can't download the M9. Can you create linking again, thanks
  9. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Link still working, tested on 8th Jan 7.36am.
  10. Suckerman

    Suckerman Member

    Thank you , you are the MAN
  11. buzdev

    buzdev Member

    Hi Mod .. do they work on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as well?
  12. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    You can give it a shot but I doubt so. Please read 1st post.
  13. buzdev

    buzdev Member

    Ok so i tried and it indicates ' The apps has stopped working ' lol
  14. Danny Lim

    Danny Lim Member

    does it support galaxy s2 with jellybean 4.1.2 (cracked)? I did everything according to the list but once I click the apk file it goes blank and then msg appears that '...unfortunately..navisoft has stopped'.
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    *note - I found out the solution. Software has to be installed in the phone's root sdcard, not its external sdcard.
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    btw how do I get updated maps for malaysia/singapore/thailand?
  15. emy

    emy Member

    somehow my navitotal continue to show "unfortunately, Navitotal! has stopped"..i use samsung galaxy tab2 7.0 (android version 4.0.3)can u assist me with my problem..thank you
  16. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Malaysia/Singapore latest map at 1st post (Jan 2013 map) Latest Thailand map (Jan 2013) here Login or Signup to view links / downloads Login or Signup to view links / downloads
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    Have you read through the entire thread? Many have found their answers after reading the whole thread;)
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  17. ml5126

    ml5126 Active Member


    Just downloaded the latest map but the file name still indicate 121106... I thought it should be 131107... Pls adv. Thanks.
  18. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Thanks for highlighting the error. Somehow it just won't point you to the latest download. I've just updated the link but its from a different file sharing site.:)
  19. ml5126

    ml5126 Active Member

    just downloaded the file.. THANKS alot......GOOD JOB!
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    Sorry... ANother Qs..

    I downloaded the Thailand map that you given also... but its in '.dll'.. so, how should I use the file as it seem different as M'sia map format.... Can tech teach ah??.... thanks...
  20. estimacamry

    estimacamry Tracker VIP

    Have updated another new link for this, after download unzip. Copy the whole folder to NaviSEA\Map\<Thailand Map here> ( Its the same folder with Malaysia map) Run M9, Menu>Settings>(Scroll down to)Map Version> choose which map you wanna use(click) wait for second, it will change to the map of your choice;)
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